CS Student with Mediocre Stats: ADVICE PLEASE

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CS Student with Mediocre Stats: ADVICE PLEASE

Postby 170orDie » Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:38 pm

I recently scored a 167 on my 4th retake. I have recently graduated with a 3.57 GPA double majoring in computer science and political science from a small private school. I had been PTing in the 172-175 rage with my last couple of PT's hitting 180 and 178. My other LSAT tries were in the low 160s although at those times I was also PTing in the 170s. I believe i have significant test anxiety when it comes to the LSAT.

Based on my numbers it seems I have a decent chance at the edge of the T-14 + UCLA. However, my concern is that I probably won't receive any scholarship money and the massive debt terrifies me. Based on my LSAT potential I really believe I can score at least a few points higher, and in the mean time I could try to gain some professional experience in the Software development field.

My dream school is Berkeley, but I believe I have pretty much no shot at it with my spread. I am considering applying to USC and University of Washington this cycle.

Frankly, I would like some advice on what to do. Taking time off to take another LSAT just seems so crushing after all this work I have already put in. On the other hand taking on 200k+ in debt for a fringe T-14 school seems awful as well, and that's if I even get in. What should I do? What are my options? IF i received a hefty scholarship to a lower schoo like USC or UW would that be worth it?

I plan on going into Patent Law if that changes anything...

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: CS Student with Mediocre Stats: ADVICE PLEASE

Postby 34iplaw » Mon Oct 31, 2016 8:26 pm

I'd get work experience while stupid VCs continue to throw cash around there like it's nothing. Aren't software engineers near SF netting around 100k starting salary now? Good boot camps get 105k supposedly, so I imagine a four year degree will have you in a better spot. Not to mention all those great perks at a lot of the larger tech companies (free great lunch and dinner at libro de cara.). Basically, I'm mostly just pointing out that you have an insanely valuable degree right now, so it's not like you'll be scraping by while you get work experience.

Berkeley is tricky. I was talking to friend that went there and her numbers were worse than yours. Maybe express a lot of interest in the JD/MS CS whether you end up doing it or not.

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