Submitting apps early or after December LSAT?

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Submitting apps early or after December LSAT?

Postby earldasquirel » Tue Oct 18, 2016 2:39 pm

Wondering if it would be in my best interest to submit my applications now or wait until I get my score back from the December LSAT (early January). I have taken the LSAT twice already, and with my highest score I am at the 75% LSAT/25% GPA for both of my top choices to attend. I will be taking it again in December, and I have been scoring about 2-3 pts above my current score in my practice tests. The problem is, if I submit now and am waitlisted/denied, my application either wont be reviewed again or will be reviewed with all of the other waitlisted apps near the end of the cycle. Should I submit now, with my current LSAT score, or would it be in my best interest to wait, and submit immediately after I receive my December score in early January, despite me losing the advantage I had of applying early? And is there any difference in submitting now and telling admissions to defer my application until my December score comes out than from simply just submitting right when my December score comes out?

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