Benefits of retaking a fairly high LSAT score?

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Benefits of retaking a fairly high LSAT score?

Postby mpan2005 » Mon Sep 19, 2016 5:16 pm

At a 172 LSAT and a 3.58 GPA, with no distinguishing softs/LOR/URM status. My target schools are T14 from Columbia down. Since for all schools except Columbia and Chicago, I'm at least a point above their 75th percentile LSAT.

I understand that money is always a consideration. I'll probably be able to rely on some financial support from family, so going to NYU or UVA at close to sticker would still result in a reasonable amount of debt.

Essentially what I'm asking is, aside from Columbia, how much does a point or two increase in my LSAT affect admissions chances alone? Then, if we throw in scholarship concerns, does the case to retake become a lot more compelling?

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