SPECIAL TOPICS courses in Transcript

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SPECIAL TOPICS courses in Transcript

Postby j0elanz » Tue Jul 19, 2016 2:53 pm

As an undergraduate, I took four upper-level courses that read on my transcript as "SPECIAL TOPICS" rather than with a course title. Two of these courses actually have the same call number, PHI592, but they were totally different courses.

In particular, one of my philosophy courses was a graduate course that I had to get special permission to take. In my transcript it appears as "INDEP STU IN PHI" instead of with the graduate course title. I don't want this course to be lost on admissions.

Should I note these discrepancies in an addendum to my application?

I should also mention that the graduate course professor is writing me a LoR, but her name doesn't even appear on the transcript under "INDEP STU IN PHIL," which was how they enrolled me in her course as an undergrad. I am going to mention this to her, but I feel that it might be important to also note this at least in any addendum, though maybe not the other three courses. However if you guys feel differently I'd love to hear. Thanks.


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Re: SPECIAL TOPICS courses in Transcript

Postby cadejcl » Wed Jul 20, 2016 1:32 pm

I have several courses listed that way on my transcript. The courses I took were more challenging than that designation may lead someone reviewing my transcript to believe. Personally, I am not going to make any mention of it. I don't see it making a big difference either way. However, I am not having a LOR written by any professors from special topics coursework, so I think you need to make the call about whether your situation warrants further clarification. I'd imagine if your LOR mentions that it was a graduate course or that you excelled, then that would likely be sufficient. Other people may feel differently, but I'm not sure that it is something that requires and addendum. Again, that's just one opinion, and our situations aren't exactly the same. Good luck!

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