Addendum for schools attended?

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Addendum for schools attended?

Postby SoapyIllusion » Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:28 pm

I've attended a total of 4 schools, and actually transferred back to a university I originally transferred from which is my degree granting institution. Reasons for transferring run the gamut from starting at a JC, transferring from a sub-par ncaa d 1 athletic program to a better one, to transferring to a local private school in my hometown during a time where my family was going through some problems and then ultimately transferring back to my first 4 year university I attended.

Should I mention and go into detail in an addendum?


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Re: Addendum for schools attended?

Postby SPerez » Thu Jun 30, 2016 5:22 pm

While transferring a bunch, in and of itself, isn't really a "red flag," it is something I wonder about when I read. Then when I get to the end of the app and there's no explanation, I'm a bit annoyed. Like at the end of the movie Cloverfield.

It won't hurt anything to do something short to explain things, even if only to make sure an AdCom doesn't make their own negative conclusions about it (e.g. you're a flake; in the case of your team, don't honor commitments, etc.).

Going JuCo to 4-year isn't weird, obviously. And most people understand athletes transferring. Sounds like you had legit/understandable reasons for each move so you should be able to cover it all in less than half a page.

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