Best WE while simultaneously studying for LSAT

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Best WE while simultaneously studying for LSAT

Postby HydroFlask666 » Sun Jun 26, 2016 5:26 pm

I aim to work full-time while studying for the LSAT. I have a job offer at a Fortune 500 financial services company and it is only a 40hr/week thing. The problem is, while the company is brand name, my position is a very lowly one and makes me feel like a corporate underling (and I am arrogant). I'm wondering if I should reject this offer and find something more preftigious like a top consulting firm for my gap years. But if I were to go this route, I know I would have less time to study for the LSAT than your average 40hr week office job would allow. The LSAT is my #1 priority for these two gap years.

So, I'm wondering, what is the best job I could get that would still afford me time for LSAT preparation? One that might carry some weight at OCI. I fully believe that the F500 office job would help me mature, help me gain some leadership, and help me navigate office politics and decorum well, all factors that would make me attractive at OCI. My only concern is that my position just isn't important enough. Is this thought unfounded? :|

Also, does 1 year WE vs. 2 years WE make a difference at all?


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Re: Best WE while simultaneously studying for LSAT

Postby Boxerman » Sun Jun 26, 2016 6:59 pm

No job is going to be able to prevent you from being able to study for the LSAT. It's not the bar exam. A few hours a week consistently is sufficient for most. I'd probably take the first job though, because you already have it. You're going to be an underling wherever you work, especially if you have OCI on your mind. How important of a position do you think you're going to get straight out of undergrad at a "top consulting firm"? Did you finish Magna at princeton? Otherwise, learn what working in an office is like. You'll benefit greatly from it.

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Re: Best WE while simultaneously studying for LSAT

Postby EnderWiggin » Sun Jun 26, 2016 7:37 pm

I think how you choose to approach your work experience, both in terms of your attitude about the role you fill and how you frame it (to adcomms and as you mentioned, to potential future employers during OCI) is very important. 0L here, but IMO after going through the LS admissions and interviewing process, perhaps what is more important than the exact kind of work you do pre-LS is your ability to craft a narrative about what you have learned during your time doing it. In your early 20s, there is something to be said for the mere experience of having held a full-time job for longer than a summer. You have an offer with a F500 company with a very reasonable work schedule. Even if it's obviously entry-level, that seems like a fine place to be while studying for the LSAT.

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