Are second deposits binding?

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Are second deposits binding?

Postby JonTheMandamus » Mon Jun 01, 2015 7:00 pm

If there isn't really any information provided by a school stating whether or not the deposit is binding, is the general consensus that it isn't? I figured this would be a good time to bring this up, as second deposit deadlines are approaching. I ask this because the school that I am choosing to deposit at has asked me to email a signature response form that marks that I intend to enroll at the school along with the seat deposit. I am taking the LSAT one more time in June for waitlisted schools. Am I going to be in any legal problems moving forward, if one of those schools later choose to accept me?


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Re: Are second deposits binding?

Postby adil91 » Mon Jun 01, 2015 7:08 pm

Not usually, just read the fine print


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Re: Are second deposits binding?

Postby FirmBiz » Mon Jun 01, 2015 7:57 pm

I don't think any school can force you to attend


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Re: Are second deposits binding?

Postby CanadianWolf » Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:23 pm

Without reading the form that you refer to in the initial post of this thread, it seems to me that the law school wants to know your current intent. Since you have not been accepted off of any waitlist, what is your current intention ? If you want to be very clear & protect yourself, you can note above your signature that you currently intend to attend unless accepted off the waitlist by another law school. I think that this is unnecessary, however, as ABA rules prohibit (to the best of my knowledge & belief) prohibiting one from accepting a later offered slot from a waitlist.

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