questions on splitter friendly schools, upward GPA trends, WE, etc.

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questions on splitter friendly schools, upward GPA trends, WE, etc.

Postby Op_Diom » Sun May 17, 2015 1:12 pm

I was just wondering about the recent tendencies/chances of admission to splitter-friendly schools that rank within the top 20 (or so). I am taking the June 2015 LSAT and have also been prepping for awhile now. At this point, my average, timed, 4 section PT consistently ranges from the low to mid 170's. However, some issues throughout undergrad (not excluding immaturity and excessive drinking) resulted in a poor GPA (roughly 2.2). Nevertheless, a couple of years were taken off after sophomore year as a means to gain work experience and introspectively decide if obtaining a JD (or even a BA for that matter) was right for me. Ultimately, I decided that I wanted nothing more. Hence, after returning to school, and after a change of majors/minor, the past two years of UG have resulted in a GPA of 3.7, which boosted my entire cumulative to 2.8ish.

So, my questions are as follows: what splitter-friendly institutions should I focus on, in the event of an LSAT score in June which meets my average of 171ish and given a sub-par GPA of 2.8? How substantial of an impact is 2 years of WE for a prominent regional corporation and a heavy upward GPA trend of 3.7 likely to make? Or is some other alternative route more likely to be conducive to gaining acceptance into a top 20 school given my current conditions? (such as remaining in UG for a better GPA, gaining a masters/MBA first, more WE, etc.?)

I'm somewhat lost on how to best go about all of this given my poor UG performance; so, any help is much appreciated.


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Re: questions on splitter friendly schools, upward GPA trends, WE, etc.

Postby hearsay77 » Mon May 18, 2015 3:37 pm

What is your LSAC gpa? You're going to want to give yourself some distance from that GPA, so I would first try to take some extra classes and raise it as much as possible, and then get either work experience or some other degree in between before going to law school. Good luck!

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