will i get in?

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will i get in?

Postby justinf92 » Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:32 pm

So Im in a rare position. I've had some bad luck but I also have some good things going for me. Wasn't aware until a few days before the LSAT that there is such thing as a UGPA, I transferred from community college and really did not care about my grades back then. So instead of having a 3.3 I have a 2.99. I'm concerned that a 2.99 is actually a big difference from a 3.00, but hopefully I'm wrong. Also, despite studying for 3 months I did not do so well on the LSATs. I got a 148, I have bad insomnia and the night of the test I was going completely insane. Literally did not sleep and was all hopped up on sleeping aids. In reality I could probably crack 150 if I take it again, but thats in the past. But anyways, my father has his own law practice, I have a job with him as long as I get a degree from somewhere and I have some savings and my parents are helping me out so I will have very little debt. I'm from New Jersey and would like to go to a school close by but I realize thats unrealistic. I've applied to New York Law, Rutgers Newark, Widener and St, Johns( because they gave me a free app and my dad wen there). I'm aware I'm a weak applicant and I just recently applied a few days ago. I'm also aware that most of the schools I applied to I will not get into. My question is will I get into Widener at the least. I'm fine going to Widener, its close to home and I know some people going there. My friend recently got in with a 3.6 and a 147 with 10k scholarship. LSACs website says I have a 72-87 percent chance of getting in, but the average gpa and last are 3.1 and 150 and I'm obviously below that. I know that applications have been down in recent years and that should help me, hopefully they are down even more this year to give me a better shot. Obviously I would go to Rutgers Newark in a heartbeat on the 1 percent chance I get in, but I do not want to retake the lsats and take anymore time off, I'm already a year removed from my undergrad. What do you think my chances are to get into Widener, I'm thinking I have a good chance maybe 70 percent but I'm not really sure, is it harder to get in now, their deadline is May 15th, am I too late?

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Re: will i get in?

Postby A. Nony Mouse » Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:36 pm

You've already asked this question in your other thread.

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