Considering dropping a class?/credit by exam

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Considering dropping a class?/credit by exam

Postby MeganCQ » Mon Feb 16, 2015 12:36 am

I'm considering dropping a class because it is a topic that I know a lot about but the AP test was never offered at my school/I didn't even know the course and AP test existed until I got to college and was told I have to take it (it's state and local government.) I enrolled in the class but just found out that credit by exam is offered. I need a 60 to pass, which I could easily make with barely any studying.

But I have two questions. I'm supposed to see my pre law advisor soon, but if anyone with any experience could calm my nerves about this that would be great. I have a 3.95 LSAC GPA, so a grade lower than an A factored in there will affect it a lot. How does credit by exam affect my LSAC GPA? Should I study to get an A or will Passing the test be enough? Also, does dropping a class hurt my admissions chances? This would be the only class I've dropped and probably the only one I will drop since I only have one more semester to go (I'm then taking a semester off to work so will be entering law school in fall 2016 as if I graduated on time.)



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Re: Considering dropping a class?/credit by exam

Postby Rigo » Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:08 am

I'm guessing that the class you're talking about is Pass/Fail. If you get above a 60, then you pass. Is that correct? If so, a Pass will not impact your GPA or be looked at negatively.
So long as dropping or withdrawing from a class is not considered punitive, that will not hurt you either.

Also, don't give too much weight to what your pre-law adviser tells you. Most of them are idiots who gives flat out wrong advice.

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