"HOLD" Status?

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"HOLD" Status?

Postby tortsandtiaras » Wed Feb 04, 2015 5:17 pm

So I have been on hold at a particular school for about 4 months now. Today I decided to write a LOCI/Follow-up letter reiterating my interest. Then I got this e-mail:

"Dear xxx:

Thank you for your email. I have pulled your file and am asking that it be flagged for me to keep an eye on it for you. I cannot offer you admission at this time, but I am going to seriously consider you as the process continues.


This has left me SO confused. :| Should I take this as a good/bad sign? What would you think of this?


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Re: "HOLD" Status?

Postby Rigo » Wed Feb 04, 2015 5:32 pm

Definitely not a bad sign. LOCI seems to have been received positively.

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