Reapplication question

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Reapplication question

Postby jimmyjustice » Sat Jan 31, 2015 5:24 pm

Hello all,

Apologies if some variation of this has been asked, I haven't been able to find a specific answer.

I know reapplying isn't looked at unfavorably, and can be looked upon favorably. But I was wondering if, in the case of getting someone who marked they were reapplying on the application, admissions committees go back and look at their previous application in addition to the one being sent in now?

I applied to law school two years ago and got waitlisted at my top choices. I have since improved my LSAT score and am in the process of applying again. I'm wondering because I want to understand where the reader will be coming from. My personal statement will be different of course, but I'm not sure if the reader will have the context of my previous statement in their mind.
And if it is the case that they don't read previous ones, should I keep other parts of my application the same (mainly addenda, like statement of diversity)? Or, if they do read previous ones, would it be harmful to keep such things the same?

Thanks for the help and advice!

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Re: Reapplication question

Postby swampman » Sat Jan 31, 2015 5:38 pm

1. Assume they won't read your old material and write for a totally fresh reader. That said, they may well read your old statement so don't write anything that completely contradicts it without an explanation (ie if your first PS was about how you want to help the poor, and your new one is about how you want to do corporate law, you better explain the change).

2. No need to rewrite anything else unless your perspective or circumstances have changed, you won't be penalized for reusing them. Though since you were rejected last time you might want to reconsider the effectiveness of the addenda.

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