A few questions...

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A few questions...

Postby Ibelieve » Fri Jan 23, 2015 6:37 pm

First: I am applying to GW. I'm a reach (above 25% LSAT, but below median... exactly at 25% GPA), and I've written a "Why GW?" essay, because, well, GW is my clear #1 choice (so much so that if I get rejected I'd consider waiting a year and reapplying there next cycle). Anyway, I don't see any place for attaching an addendum or something extra such as a "Why GW?" There is a spot for the optional essay though, of course. So my question is: should I attach my "Why GW?" there in place of the optional essay? In my opinion my "Why GW?" would help me a lot more than my mediocre optional essay...but would they then get annoyed that I didn't follow the instructions exactly (it's also more than the 300 word optional essay limit, though still just one page DS). OR could I just put my "Why GW?" on the same document as my optional essay (but then I worry they would think it's too much to read and that I am wasting their time, and skip over it?). Of course I hope they consider me enough of a potential candidate to get to my why GW in the first place. :(

Second: How long did LSAC take to process your transcripts? My undergrad's registrar claims to have mailed it out last Friday...my school is in NY, so I can't imagine that it took that long to arrive at LSAC's offices in PA. A week later and still no notification that it's been processed...kind of getting concerned?

Final: As mentioned above, GW is my #1 choice. I am applying to other schools as well, though, just in case I have some urge not to reapply next cycle (I have taken the LSAT twice, so I have one more try left...plus another semester to boost my GPA). Let's say I get in to some that I apply to (pretty likely...unless something goes terribly wrong :shock: ), politely decline, try to improve my standing, then fail to get in to GW again next cycle (that would really suck :| ). I'm assuming I could still get admitted to those school that I declined a seat at this cycle if I reapply there too...right? Just want to be 100% sure here.

Thanks in advance for your help to any of these questions...

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Re: A few questions...

Postby Auxilio » Sat Jan 24, 2015 3:10 pm

for the first question, I am not going to give specific advice on how to/whether to attach the Why GW, but I will say that I do not think it is that necessary for a few reasons: if they cared that much about them then they would have asked for it; the biggest benefit of a why x is that it shows a desire to go to a school that is BELOW what your numbers would suggest, GW does not need to be convinced that you will accept an offer from them if they admit you, because they doubt you could do much better I assume; lastly, a why x can easily be transformed into a LOCI if you get waitlisted, and I imagine the difference between an unsolicited why would take you from rejection to waitlist, so may as well just wait on it.

secondly, mine took about two weeks from when my university sent it, but that is speaking as west coast Canadian, so little value to your situation

thirdly, the schools will not care, especially if you have retaken the LSAT over the break. If you were worried next year you can say you took off a year to get more work experience/a better LSAT and they will completely understand and not count it as a negative.

I do have to say though, that unless you are independently wealthy/parents are paying for it I would not go to GW with your numbers as you can expect basically nothing in terms of scholarship if they accept you. That is a lot of money for a decent, not great, school. While it is not a disastrous situation like paying sticker at a TTT, I would probably advise to go for a better scholarship lower or really dedicate yourself to improving LSAT on the third take and applying next year.

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Re: A few questions...

Postby PeanutsNJam » Sat Jan 24, 2015 3:38 pm

Dude just retake, get 168+ and go to GULC. Cake. Or GW with a full scholly whatever. Don't even need 170. Although if you get 170+ I say aim higher.

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Re: A few questions...

Postby Dr. Nefario » Sat Jan 24, 2015 3:55 pm

If you really want GW, I'd try to take June and sit out this cycle. Also, it won't hurt to decline a seat and reapply next year like you mentioned, many people on these boards have done it. Good luck!

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Re: A few questions...

Postby romothesavior » Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:56 pm

PeanutsNJam wrote:Dude just retake, get 168+ and go to GULC. Cake. Or GW with a full scholly whatever. Don't even need 170. Although if you get 170+ I say aim higher.


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