A couple of questions...

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A couple of questions...

Postby Username123 » Fri Jan 09, 2015 4:06 am

I have a couple questions I was hoping y'all could help answering for me.

1) I applied to WUSTL in late October. The status checker has been "Application Documents Received" since 10/23. Should I email to follow up with the admissions office? I feel like it's been much too long to not have heard any word - no interview invite, nothing. Maybe write some kind of LOCI to express further interest?

2) I applied ED to Texas in late October and was bumped to RD. I REALLY want UT. Would it be a bad move to email a letter of expressed interest (similar to a "Why UT")? I work in a biglaw firm as a Legal Assistant down the street from the campus full of UT grads and I'm a TA for a 3L course that two partners (one who is a big name at UT Law) on my team teach. I would gear the Why UT statement around that. I'm hoping that this statement would help me a little in being admitted as my #s are below median.

Thanks for your help!



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Re: A couple of questions...

Postby JFO1833 » Fri Jan 09, 2015 3:03 pm

My opinion would be to not write letters at this point.

Re School 1: You are still well ahead of the end of the application season. If you do want to check that everything is in order I'd do that with a call or e-mail before considering sending a LOCI.

Re School 2: I would think that applying ED shows that you are very interested. Perhaps if you had an additional LOR you could send that would be a good move.

Any other opinions?

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