Early Decision Confusion

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Early Decision Confusion

Postby sesh3546 » Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:42 am

I'm a bit confused on Early Decision - I got into UCLA ED, but I didn't realize I had to submit my SIR in December when they told me I got in. So that is why I had applied to like 4 other schools. Now, ED stipulates that once you get in you have to withdraw your applications.

Can I submit my SIR to UCLA and just wait to see if I get in other places just for the sake of knowing if I would have gotten in the other schools or not? (Note: I am still 100% going to UCLA - I am just curious about the other schools).

Since I'll still be submitting my SIR to UCLA, is it that big of a deal if I just wait to hear from the others? Or does your application automatically get withdrawn off of LSAC once you submit a SIR?

Thank you!

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Re: Early Decision Confusion

Postby lawschool1741 » Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:56 am

I have never personally done this before, but I think you should go ahead and withdraw your other apps. Yes, it would be nice to know where you would have been accepted, but is that worth UCLA potentially dropping you on an infraction? Not that this is likely or even all that possible, but why risk it?

To my understanding, you app does not get automatically withdrawn, you email the respective admissions offices.

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