working at dining hall on resume? + pass/fail classes

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working at dining hall on resume? + pass/fail classes

Postby xhe02 » Mon Dec 08, 2014 7:49 am

Hi, all

I have several questions and would really appreciate it if anyone can help with them. I worked at the dining hall during college, approx. 10 hours/week. Should I put it on my resume? I have other jobs like teaching assistants and research assistants that I can fill the page with, but I just want to let the ad committee know that I had other obligations and still worked hard as an undergrad. Is it worth one line ?

Also, I have several classes which I took for Pass/fail. I was able to see the uncovered score in the school's system and all of them are actually either 3.7 or 4. Should I explain that in an addendum or would that be really stupid?

Many thanks in advance and best of luck!

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Re: working at dining hall on resume? + pass/fail classes

Postby RareExports » Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:22 am

Definitely put that on your resume, especially because you do have academic work/extra curricular experience. It's not impressive that you work 10 hours a week at the dining hall, but, like you said, it is impressive that you did your school work with that extra obligation. I think that's how law schools will view it at least--as an obstacle, if only a minor one, that you overcame.

I also think it is worth explaining the pass/fail classes in an addendum. Taking multiple pass/fails will always raise questions, and if you have a good answer to them, it can only help your case.


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Re: working at dining hall on resume? + pass/fail classes

Postby Nebby » Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:25 am

Law schools accept 2 page resumes. It would neither help nor harm your chances to add it. In regard to the addendum, it wouldn't help and is unnecessary.


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Re: working at dining hall on resume? + pass/fail classes

Postby SPerez » Wed Dec 10, 2014 1:00 pm

Put all post-high school work. ALL. I don't even mind seeing high school work, either, actually, within reason. Just be sure you put the month/year you worked and how many hours per week you typically work. It drives me nuts when I get resumes and I can't tell if the job was during the summer or during the school year, 5 hrs/wk or 30 hrs/wk, etc.

As for the Pass/Fail thing, unless "several" means like 10, I wouldn't bother. This is just my perspective, but if I read an addendum that said "Yeah, I took those classes P/F but turns out I actually did really good in them!" I'd roll my eyes and turn the page. Do you have a good reason for having taken them P/F? Without knowing, I would assume you were just trying to protect your GPA or giving yourself some wiggle room to be able to blow off the class if you needed to.

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