What CAN you do with a JD/MBA?

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Re: What CAN you do with a JD/MBA?

Postby PDaddy » Sat Nov 22, 2014 11:53 pm

fats provolone wrote:nothing you couldn't do with just the JD or just the MBA.

Well, there is ONE thing a JD can do that an MBA cannot: represent clients in a court of law!


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Re: What CAN you do with a JD/MBA?

Postby ixnayatthay » Fri Dec 05, 2014 2:02 am

I know that for those who work in in finance, etc. a JD is a huge help in securing governmental appointments. Anecdotally, unless you intend to open and run your own practice soon after law school there isn't much benefit for the aspiring lawyer.

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