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Re: Impact of Lower Score

Postby banjo » Mon Oct 06, 2014 2:19 pm

appind wrote:I do hope you're right that it's fully learnable. Having done all the known real lsat material, I know pretty much what the questions are asking. And given enough time can almost always find the right answer. So one could say that I have learned the test. But execution is a different beast altogether. I couldn't bring it to the real test day conditions.

The test material probably is, but perhaps test execution isn't fully learnable?

In my two scored administrations, the worst I did on an lr section was -10 and the best -2, the worst on an lg section -5 and the best -1, the worst on an rc -9 and the best -8. Rc is the only consistently bad section for me, but for lr and lg I have done fine on some their sections and bad on others. If it's anxiety, then is overcoming anxiety during test fully learnable and how to do so?

Did the testmasters material include problems other than the ones from PTs? I have run out of all material with some PTs taken multiple times so need other material. Any material harder than lsat questions so real lsat feels easy?

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One of the advantages of doing a prep course is that they gave you 5-6 opportunities to "execute." You sit in a classroom with other students, hand in an answer sheet, and they send you a score a few hours later. I think there's some learning that happens in that situation.

Anxiety is something you HAVE to address before coming to law school. Law school is a series of high-stakes trials. Your entire grade is usually based on ONE in-class four-hour exam. You do a write-on for LR just once, over a single week. You have ONE shot at OCI, including a single shot at each callback you get. You get ONE shot at getting a full-time offer over the summer. And you get one, and at most two, shots at the Bar Exam. You have to be prepared to perform your best.

Finally, there are some fake materials out there, but they're mostly terrible.

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