Fullbright and/or LS

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Fullbright and/or LS

Postby gnomgnomuch » Mon Feb 03, 2014 6:23 pm

So, I've been researching Fulbright's rather obsessively the past couple of days, and while LS has been the dream for a while, I've been enamored with London and would love an opportunity to go back, ever since I had my study abroad there this past summer. If anyone has any experience/anecdotes or just links about the following questions, I would be incredibly grateful.

1) Can you defer LS for a year (or two) if you get a Fulbright grant?
2) what options do you have - job wise - if you first do LS, then get a Fulbright? By this I mean, would you be able to defer employment (clerkships, or working in a firm) if you were awarded a Fulbright, or would you have to come back your Fulbright looking for work? And how hard/easy would it be to find work?

Obviously, its incredibly hard to get a Fulbright, but on the incredibly lucky shot that I actually GET one, id like to know what my options would be in regards to LS.

Thanks for any potential insight guys!

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Re: Fullbright and/or LS

Postby malleus discentium » Mon Feb 03, 2014 6:32 pm

Schools vary greatly on how willing they are to grant deferrals. Harvard, at least, grants them pretty much automatically so long as you apply for one before May 1 and have a plan to do something that is more productive than eating cheetos and playing guitar hero for a year. Columbia I believe also has a pretty liberal deferral policy. You'd have to look at the specific schools to see what they do, though a Fulbright is probably one of the things stricter schools will grant one for. As for doing a Fulbright after LS, I don't know.

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