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Work during PT

Postby scp08004 » Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:08 am

Here is my situation now, I applied to a part time program because I can't afford to go full time. Right now I work as a rent-a-cop and it sucks. However, it is the most stress-free job I could imagine. If I kept with my current job through the first year than I wouldn't have the stress of a real job and I would more or less have a gauranteed study hall for five hours every day. With more free time I would be able to push harder for extracurriculars such as the law review or moot court. However, herein lies my dilemma. Being a security guard sucks and does absolutely nothing to bolster my resume. I could try to get a job at a law firm (like a paralegal) but getting used to an entirely new job may be more unneeded distraction during my first year. On the other hand it is a solid addition to my resume, with guaranteed networking.

The big answer I would like to get out of this is: will working a law-related job through law school bolster my resume more than potentially getting on the law review journal?

It is also worth noting that I work security in a building with several good-sized law firms and I can continue to network through them while I'm at law school.

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