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Re: TFA and GW Law

Postby yossarian » Thu Jan 16, 2014 1:51 pm

tiltedwindmill wrote:
JDeezy wrote:Applying again will take, what, four hours? I don't see any reason to think you won't get into GWU again in two years.

The correct answer is 100% retake the LSAT. You have two years so its not like you have to change your life to cram. Just Tstudy while you can and plan to take it in a year or so. That gives you another year in case the retake doesn't go great.

Even if you don't retake because it would be "nice not to," you'll be in the same position you are right now. GWU's not going anywhere.

Congrats on the TFA acceptance, and the fact that you are doing what you want to do after college. Enjoy.

GWU needs you more than you need them.


I'm finishing TFA and I deferred at a similar T25 w/ $. I did not retake during the time but because #'s have dropped since then and I have good softs & W/E now, I'm way more competitive this cycle. I contacted my deferred school and asked if it was binding. They said no, so I applied this cycle. Still sifting through options. I'm not locked in until deposits. However, some schools contracts are binding. I would check.

Another thing to consider, I imagine two cycles from now will actually be tougher. If you can defer at a school without a binding deferral contract, that may be a good balance of safety and options...

You will likely not have time to retake in TFA. Steep learning curve and long hours for most. I wish I would've had time and I did not. The one exception would be if you planned on doing nothing during your summer between 1st and 2nd year and then took it in Sept. But you might still struggle to keep abreast during the August between studying hard and the test. Beginning of the school year is rough. (EDIT: The summer between 1 & 2 is a huge opportunity for fellowships, policy work, leadership work, etc. Lots of people do money, but know there is an opportunity cost to just studying. Even so, in hindsight, I would've given up my policy fellowship for 4 more points on the LSAT).

MOST IMPORTANTLY, don't do TFA because you need a break from school and $. Depending on region, saving may be impossible. And, the only good reason to do TFA is because you earnestly are invested in educational equity. I'm not saying your not. There's nothing wrong with the reasons you stated inherently, but you will not do well, and you will do the students a diservice if you are not genuinely invested. I'm not criticizing. I had to learn that the hard way.

From nonTFA experience, don't settle for the 162. I settled for high 16x and I wish I would've retaken during TFA. I still may if this cycle doesn't land where I want.

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