Scholarship Negotiation (with UCLA)

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Scholarship Negotiation (with UCLA)

Postby ec24 » Sun Jan 12, 2014 8:00 pm

Hi everyone,

So I just got into UCLA with a 10k/year scholarship. This is a lot lower than I expected. I have seen on here that it is recommended to ask for $ reconsideration early on. UCLA is the only school I have heard back from and my NUMBER ONE (I submitted my apps around 1/2/14).

I think it's a good idea to open a dialogue before $ dries up. However, I do not want to waste their time if negotiating without other offers is a waste of time. My question is this- is it ok to start negotiations without offers from other schools? Or should I wait and see if I get $ elsewhere at a T14 school or USC? UCLA is my number one and I absolutely feel comfortable telling them that $ is the only thing standing in the way between my accepting their offer.

Thanks in advance!

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