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Re: Work experience

Postby Young Marino » Wed Dec 25, 2013 5:15 pm

TheSpanishMain wrote:
Young Marino wrote:All I'm saying is I'm not gunning for t14/biglaw. I'm completely comfortable working in the public sector and going to the strongest school in my market in terms of placement to get that done. I'm not so debt adverse because of programs like pslf/ibr even though for some of you it's a "last resort". To me, these programs are a thing of beauty. So back to my original question: will my work experience in municipal operations give me a leg up when trying to land a public sector law job?

Probably somewhat, yes, particularly if you end up applying for legal jobs in the same geographic area. I wouldn't expect it to make you a lock or anything, but it should at least demonstrate that you have a genuine commitment to public service.

That was my thinking in getting this job. I live in a large tri county metropolitan area so it's not the same city as where I'll be going to law school per second but it's all within a 75 mile radius and it is a power house down here

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