LSAC Admission Index Need some help

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LSAC Admission Index Need some help

Postby frcarpen » Mon Dec 16, 2013 6:20 pm

I have been using this thread a lot lately

I also use the LSAC admission index numbers to help calculate my chances. I have put them on an excel spread sheet and uploaded to google docs:

You see that if you type in an LSAT score and a GPA it calculates what your admission index number is that each school listed uses (not all schools use the index).

What I need help with:

I would like the spreadsheet to calculate the index number for the medians (and perhaps 25th and 75th percentile) this would show you how much higher or lower YOUR application is indexed than someone who is exactly at the medians using each school's unique formula.

I have tried using a vlookup function, but the school names that lsac uses are different than what is on the previously mentioned thread. this creates a lot of errors.

Any suggestions??

I noticed that the lsac index page gives each school a "code" (column A on the spread sheet). If someone knows of an easy way to assign each code to the schools already listed on the thread I mentioned above that would solve all my problems as the vlookup function would work without errors.

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