Break in Undergrad studies/GPA Addendum

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Break in Undergrad studies/GPA Addendum

Postby rob91 » Mon Nov 25, 2013 2:22 am

For all the schools I am applying to I am submitting a GPA Addendum that explains two things: why my grades were low in the first half of my academic career, and why there was a gap in my academic studies. The reason for both is the same, which is why the same addendum explains them both.

My question is this. For certain schools (Penn and NYU are among them) they ask you to submit a separate statement to explain any gaps in schooling. Should I simply attach my standard GPA Addendum here, or attach a brief note explaining my gap in school and say "see GPA Addendum for further detail." It seems odd to explain my GPA where they are only asking me to explain my gap in schooling, but equally odd to attach two statements that essentially talk about the same thing. Right now I am leaning towards the former. Any thoughts?

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