Reapplying to Law School after Withdrawing

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Reapplying to Law School after Withdrawing

Postby Pompeii » Fri Nov 22, 2013 12:50 pm


I withdrew from a T20 during my first semester about this time last year. I went back to the job I had prior to law school and have been able to resolve my personal issues that contributed to me deciding to withdrawal. I'm seriously considering taking another shot at law school and wanted to get some opinions on how my application would be viewed.

If I do plan to go back, I will retake the LSAT in June or September of 2014 and apply for Fall 2015. I currently have a 167/3.61. I believe with 5-6 months of studying, I could improve that and hopefully make my application more appealing and possibly getting some $$, which I didn't have before.

I'm not opposed to attending the same school but would love to crack the lower T14. Would it be wise to talk with the student affairs office of my previous school to seek their opinion?

Has anyone here gone through this before and if so, how do you feel it affected your cycle?

Thanks for your help

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