Chances at a T14 (pref HYS) and BigLaw

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Re: Chances at a T14 (pref HYS) and BigLaw

Postby stillwater » Mon Nov 04, 2013 11:37 pm

MistakenGenius wrote:
KingofSplitters55 wrote:
MistakenGenius wrote:
GunningForPartner wrote:Ok, what if I got someone like Eric Holder to write me a LOR? (it's not Holder he went to CLS, but just imagine someone of that level of fame)

Unless you mean Obama or a Supreme Court Justice, then I cannot think of anyone with that level of fame. And no matter how many times you ask it doesn't change what everyone has told you. Your GPA is WAY too low for Harvard. Despite what others here say, some connections would definitely help, but yours will not. Sasha and Malia will have no trouble getting into law school. Notice how easy it was for Princess Beatrice to be accepted to our top schools. If you were a Rhodes scholar or Delta force member, things would be different, but you're not. Just retake, get above a 170+, and apply to other T14's and hope daddy's connections will help you out. And FYI, I absolutely despise you even though I sense a flame. I grew up poverty stricken and had to battle cancer while working my way through college. Then I see entitled brats who think they can skate by on their Daddy's coat tails.

Now now, don't go all Leninist over here.

I will also say that I think business school admissions are far more holistic at least than law school admissions. Too many people of low socioeconomic backgrounds are unable to get high GPA's (due to say, being first-generation college and not being able to navigate the system, having to work a ton during the week, etc) nor study for the LSAT for the time duration necessary for 170+ (due to having to work, familial disruptions, etc).

Law school caters far more to the privileged and smart but not to the underprivileged and smart. Business school allows you to get in through so many different paths that just about everyone has a chance.

I don't consider disliking someone lazy who's hoping to skate by on the wings of Nepotism socialist by any means. I'm probably the opposite actually. I grew up in the country in the South, went to a high school known for extreme violence and teen pregnancy (and where only 250 students of a beginning 950 actually graduated.) I nevertheless graduated top of my class with the highest SAT in school history, getting an okay scholarship to a good school where I could afford to go if I also worked full time. I was diagnosed with cancer my freshman year, but still got a 3.75 gpa and a 176 LSAT. I am damn proud of what I've accomplished in my life. And it pisses me off that some little rich boy thinks he's a special snowflake. I will agree that law schools do cater to the privileged, but I still fail to see why that actually matters? He hasn't proven his intelligence, but expects them to bow to him because he's privileged.

great story (seriously). but no need to get worked up here. this is not unusual or going away anytime soon.

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Postby MistakenGenius » Tue Nov 05, 2013 12:37 am

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Re: Chances at a T14 (pref HYS) and BigLaw

Postby Monochromatic Oeuvre » Tue Nov 05, 2013 8:32 am

Holy cow, you guys are real worked up over a 130 flame.

LJL at the idea that someone who ostensibly got BB from HYS with a below-median GPA would need the help of TLS to do anything. "But seriously brahs, it's just so darn hard to find the time to do better than a 164 when you're a ballin' analyst like me."

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