LSAC GPA nightmare

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Re: LSAC GPA nightmare

Postby Clearly » Tue Sep 24, 2013 7:31 pm

Blueberrypie wrote:I know it's not a nightmare. I wrote that it took me by more so took me by surprise. The nightmare really stemmed from actually not knowing how it would change my gpa. I just didn't explain that part, because I didn't think that you guys would harp on that one point and not even answer any of my questions. Also honestly I don't usually think about other people when I concern my grades. For example, if I get a low mark on a test I don't think about all the people who did worse than I did. So no I didn't think about other college students whose gpas dropped a point or more. That never occurred to me, because I'm not concerned with them. I'm concerned about myself, which is why I asked about my situation, Actually when looking at myself, if I'm going to compare my situation or results to anyone else it will be those who are in a better situation than I am.

Ah, w.e. It's not a big deal. I most likely am over looking it. Whatever happens... happens,

How you gonna post with this "screw everyone that's not me" attitude, then come ask for help...

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