LSAT Retake

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LSAT Retake

Postby mvonh001 » Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:59 am

Do the schools I apply to now receive my new lsat in october without me doing anything, or do i need to request that they get sent. Meaning, alternatively, if I do not do as well as I would have hoped on October, do they have to see it?


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Re: LSAT Retake

Postby cbiv » Wed Sep 04, 2013 4:47 am

They are automatically updated through the CAS service.

This is from the LSAC site.

Updated Law School Reports

If you have a current LSAC Credential Assembly Service file, LSAC will routinely send report updates to law schools to which you have applied at no additional charge

whenever you repeat the LSAT within the same admission year;
when LSAC receives an updated transcript within the same admission year;
when an error in a transcript or its summarization is reported and corrected within the same admission year. A revised official transcript clearly marked as “corrected copy” is necessary to correct transcript errors; and
when LSAC receives an additional letter of recommendation/evaluation within the same admission year up to the limit set by the law school. (Each law school can specify at what point in its admission process it will receive letters/evaluations. Therefore, if you apply to multiple schools, some may receive your letters/evaluations sooner than others.)

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