Applications to T6 only?

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Re: Applications to T6 only?

Postby rayiner » Sat Aug 10, 2013 1:51 am

heythatslife wrote:Is this a stupid thing to do? I just don't feel like applying to a bunch of schools that I wouldn't go to anyway even if I'm accepted. One factor to consider is that since I'm an international, there is a high likelihood that I will end up practicing outside of the US eventually, and the portability of the JD degree diminishes rapidly outside of the T6 as you go down the ranking. So right now, I'm looking at applying to the T6 and maybe Penn thrown in for good measure. I'm wondering if this is too much of a risk, though.

Numbers-wise, I'm 173/4.0 (UG in US).

There's no risk, at least this cycle. A few years ago you might not have broken T6 at all, but with apps being down as much as they are now I'd say apply to HYSCC and save yourself the trouble, so long as scholarship money isn't a big consideration.


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Re: Applications to T6 only?

Postby BigZuck » Sat Aug 10, 2013 3:04 am

Desert Fox wrote:Don't apply to schools you wouldn't go to. But honestly, taking a scholarship at a lower T14 is the better play.

Are you saying this specifically for the OP because you think that a scholarship at, say, UVA would never motivate a T6 school to offer more money?

Because if you mean this as a general statement that no one should ever apply to a school they wouldn't actually attend then I think that's terrible advice.

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