at what point does LSAC stop calculating

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at what point does LSAC stop calculating

Postby sarcasticzebra » Tue Jul 16, 2013 9:53 am

I have more than enough credits to graduate (121) and I am staying in school for an extra year to boost my gpa. I have a number of Ws, so I have more than 121 attempted hours as well. I called LSAC and asked, is there a certain credit hour maximum where you stop calculating and they straight out told me that they stopped calculating to the point when the date of the Bachelors degree is printed on the transcript.

That made perfect sense to me, then I was reading on another forum on here -- or elsewhere where someone was inquiring:

They they had a total of 225 Credits for their degree but they were trying to figure out why LSAC only listed 170.9 semester hours.

So, is there a credit hour maximum cutoff, or just until you earn your first degree. Why would someone else have 170 hours listed when they had more, if they calculate until the bachelors???

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