Feb LSAT to Already Accepted Schools?

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Feb LSAT to Already Accepted Schools?

Postby glsamo » Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:23 pm

While I have already received some offers, I decided to retake the LSAT in February to boost the scholarship money. The problem is I did worse on this last LSAT... I mean way worse. So much that my jaw dropped when I saw it, and I was waiting for a follow up email saying, "We're just kidding! Good scare, huh?" Sadly, that never happened. So... now I'm wondering is this huge variance going to hurt my chances at the schools that I haven't been accepted to? And will the schools that I've already been accepted to receive this new score? I need to negotiate my scholarship, but I'm just too embarrassed to even think about it if they know my newest score. Please help.

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