splitter ED plan?

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splitter ED plan?

Postby scottybear » Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:54 pm

I've been reading the guide for splitters as well was browsing the forums trying to figure out a strategy for fall applications. The guide gives a plan (ED to virginia, EA (non-binding) to cornell, etc).

But this thread is almost three years old. I'm wondering, has the game plan for extreme splitters (sub-3.0, 170+) changed at all? Is there a good plan of action?

UVA looks like they get back to you in 15 days, should give plenty of time for places like g-town, etc.

What have other splitters been doing? Is there something to be said for applying ED in order of preference in a best-case scenario, or is it just that, as splitters, we need to maximize our chances at a t-14 at all, ANY t-14, so we should be timing it to get the most ED's out there as possible?

Any other splitter-centric application advice would be super great, as well.


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