Re-applying -- effects of late applying on $$$

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Re-applying -- effects of late applying on $$$

Postby gavinstevens » Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:42 am

Hi all,

I applied last cycle as a senior in college (cycle here: Background follows, skip to last line for my question.

I chose not to attend and instead took a job at a big firm thinking I would re-apply. After working in biglaw, I decided I didn't want to have to get a biglaw job to service my debt, and so decided against law school for the time being (thinking a T1 was too much risk). I told some friends/family this, and was told I could always work for family friend partner at his small firm if I couldn't find work, an option I find appealing (and that he would go to bat for me elsewhere if I didn't like that option). This prompted my decision to re-apply. I am hoping for a full/near full ride to a T1. Unfortunately, this all happened in January, so I'm applying late. Applications go out tomorrow.

My question is this, how much an impact will late apps have on my scholarships (applying with 3.8/168)? Particularly interested in W&L, UGA, and Bama. I know this cycle has brought some surpirses, and I appreciate any insight has. Thanks.
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Re: Re-applying -- effects of late applying on $$$

Postby 3|ink » Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:43 am

There will be less money to go around.

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