Confused about Education Section on Apps... Please Help

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Confused about Education Section on Apps... Please Help

Postby shep33 » Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:25 pm

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Re: Confused about Education Section on Apps... Please Help

Postby North » Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:04 am

shep33 wrote:Hey guys,

I've sent around 10-12 apps out already, and I think I caught an error. I think... I have no idea how to explain my attendance at one university.

Basically this is my story:

-I attended University A in 2004/2005- required to withdraw because I was pretty young, still taking high school classes and worked 2 jobs.
-I then attended University B in the fall of 2005 (dates are okay on my app here)
-Then I attended University C from 2006-2007 (again dates fine)
-Then I came back to University A (the one I was required to withdraw from), where I attended from 2007-2011, completed a degree, and am on the verge of completing another degree in a different program from 2011-2013.

Now this is what I put on my application for University A:

University A: Start date:2004; End date: 2011
University A: Start date: 2011; End date: 2013

I separated them according to degrees, because I couldn't find a way to mention that there was a 2nd degree in this time frame. Even though I was required to withdraw in 2004/2005 (in a separate program), my credits still counted toward the completion of my degree in 2011.

Then I entered a new program in 2011, and am expecting a degree this summer.

I'm so ****** up right now. So lost in what to do. Haha I'm sure a few of you are lost now too

I don't know why you didn't just do it chronologically.

    University A
      • Start: August 2004
      • End: May 2005
    University B
      • Start: August 2005
      • End: December 2005
    University C
      • Start: January 2006
      • End: May 2007
    University A
      • Start: August 2007
      • End: May 2011
      • Degree Earned: B.S. Confusing Academic History
    University A
      • Start: August 2011
      • End: May 2013
      • Degree Earned: B.A. 9th Year Senior

I recommend that you update your applications because you did not, as your application currently suggests, actually attend University A between May 2005 and August 2007. Just e-mail the main admissions address with a concise (read: don't derp it up like you did in your OP, it's not really that confusing) explanation and correction. For example:

Application Correction

shep33 wrote:Good morning,

While reviewing my submitted application I noticed that the summary of my academic history could be a bit misleading. In hopes of correcting that, I offer the following clarification:

[Insert a one or two sentence correction.]

Thank you and I hope you're having a great day,

On the other hand, it's probably obvious what you did if they glance at you transcript. So, you know, whatever.

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