C&F Concern for a Friend

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C&F Concern for a Friend

Postby jared6180 » Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:20 am

My friend got arrested twice for failure to pay a traffic ticket. The second time he didn't show up to court, they put a warrant out and suspended his DL. He got stopped again and got a couple normal moving violations in addition to driving while suspended which he plead down to driving without DL on Person. Finally got everything paid and thought it was all in the past, just a couple moving violations. Turns out he lost his new job as a lab tech at a hospital b/c he did not disclose a misdemeanor, the Driving while Suspended. This was all 5-6 years ago. Should he disclose? How much detail? How does he get arrest records? He got his drivers record and it has nothing on it.

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Re: C&F Concern for a Friend

Postby Steve2207 » Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:44 am

He should go to the police department to get the dates and details of his record. They should have a report for each and every incident that has ever concerned him, they will list things that he was accused of, or been a party to, and arrested for, so it may look long, and appear to be really bad to anybody not smart enough to read it(for example if he had a bike stolen when he was 12, it will appear as “theft” on his record, but anybody that knows how to read police reports could see he was the VICTIM not the perpetrator). Does he need to disclose it? YES, he needs to say what happened and give a brief explanation. IMO, most traffic violations won’t matter, even if he was arrested, as long as it did not involve drugs or alcohol. He needs to tell the truth and put this behind him because he will almost definitely get a pass for something like this. However, if he doesn’t admit to it, a little thing like this could cost him his license after spending 3 years in law school and sitting for the bar.

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