How many LORs to submit?

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How many LORs to submit?

Postby calidancer2 » Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:00 am

In a "cover-my-ass" strategy I emailed 3 professors for LORs since I've been out of school for a while and was worried no one would respond. 2 responded and then the third responded a few days now I have 3 academic LORs. One of the professors from the first 2 LORs doesn't know me AS well so should I not bother submitting hers? I also have a work LOR from my manager so I'm sitting on 4. I'm worried that 4 is obviously overkill since all the deans say quality over quantity. Should I submit 2 academic and 1 work (and disregard the one probably less personal academic LOR entirely) or is even that too much?


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Re: How many LORs to submit?

Postby BigZuck » Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:05 am

2 academic, unless a school asks for 1 in which case you submit only 1. Submit your 2 best, save extras in case you get waitlisted, then send them.

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