Lacking a Professor's Recommendation: Catastrophic?

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Lacking a Professor's Recommendation: Catastrophic?

Postby Silverlake22 » Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:03 pm

I graduated from college early in 2010, and worked all throughout college. The two professors I would be comfortable writing a recommendation retired and left the school respectively, and I have been unable to contact either. I am currently emailing prior professors, though I am very pessimistic about the letters they would be able to provide, if any this late in the year. I have worked since graduation at a large law firm and I am absolutely positive that the two letters I have received thus far are not only relevant in the field, but will paint me as a eager and able student, though to my understanding a professors recommendation is vital.

I scored a 173 on the LSAT and had a 3.6 GPA at a mid tier school, and am planning on applying to T14. If the worst should happen and I am unable to secure a professor's recommendation, would this sink my application at the T14? If so, would adding an addendum listing my work schedule and decision to graduate help mitigate this fact?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Lacking a Professor's Recommendation: Catastrophic?

Postby remix » Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:19 pm

I think general consensus is that if you're straight outta school, a professor's recommendation is wanted. But you've been working, so although a professor's letter would be ideal, a letter from an employer should be fine.

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Re: Lacking a Professor's Recommendation: Catastrophic?

Postby Tiago Splitter » Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:24 pm

Definitely not catastrophic, but would be nice to have.

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