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Re: 3.90/171 - retake?

Postby gguuueessttt » Wed Nov 07, 2012 3:29 pm

francesfarmer wrote:
turtles wrote:1) what are my current chances at t6, given that i have pretty weak softs (director of the debate team, legal clinical experience, research experience, probably middling recommendations, maybe something consulting-related in the upcoming summer)

2) is there a risk to retaking the lsat and receiving a score that's either the same or only two points higher? like is a 171/172 retake worse than a 171?

edit: oh yeah, and i'm not a urm, i'm chinese-american

You will get into NYU, at the very least.
171 seems like it may be an accurate assessment of your abilities if your PTs dipped below 174, especially toward the end of your prep. Is it not conventional wisdom that you'll test a few points lower than your average PT? My average PT was 4-5 points higher than what I got.
That said, I retook at 170 and it was a great choice. You don't have much to lose.

I wouldn't say this is conventional wisdom. I know several people who tested at their PT score, and a few who even scored higher than their average.

I'd suggest that you retake.

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