The insanity of paying sticker...

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Re: The insanity of paying sticker...

Postby dingbat » Tue Nov 06, 2012 3:25 pm

vanwinkle wrote:
ChampagnePapi wrote:Seems like sticker is an arbitrary cutoff. Even if youre getting up to 70-80k at some of these schools, you'll still be in over 200k+ of debt (accounting for tuition hikes and interest). That seems just as dangerous and you would need biglaw to pay off that debt. Doesn't it make more sense to maximize your chances at biglaw in that case?

This is why I think most scholarships are irrelevant. Unless you're getting half-tuition or more, it's not going to be a big enough difference to matter.

(At most schools, tuition ~ $40K and COL ~ $20K, so "half-tuition scholarship" is $20K but you're still borrowing $40K per year.)

In my case, I did the analysis of placement statistics and chose the option that was 6 figures cheaper

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