Do I even bother with HYS? 170/3.8

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Re: Do I even bother with HYS? 170/3.8

Postby abcde12345 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:38 am

bernaldiaz wrote:Really Stanford's yield is pretty understandable. Lets make some assumptions just to simplify this mini economy:

-Yale and Stanford have 200 seats, Harvard has 600
-Anyone who gets into Yale attends (not all that far from reality)
-Anyone who gets into Yale also gets into Harvard and Stanford. Anyone who gets into Stanford also gets into Harvard
-The next 200 people all choose Stanford over Harvard. This leaves Stanford with a 50% yield.
-No one who gets into HYS turns it down for a non HYS school.
-This means that the next 600 people Harvard admits all attend, leaving it with a 60% yield rate.

So even though in this scenario Harvard loses every cross admit to Stanford, it still ends up with a higher yield. Again, the assumptions are obviously huge and not meant to entirely reflect reality (although I think most of them at least partially reflect what actually happens), just to show that once you start breaking it down the yield rates sort of make sense.

Actually, those seems like decent assumptions (of course, they are exaggerated, but still). Does make sense, thanks.

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