Sending in more materials after "Complete"

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Sending in more materials after "Complete"

Postby mcs268 » Sun Oct 07, 2012 11:07 am

I'm planning on applying to law school once I get my LSAT scores from the October test. However, I have reason to believe one of my recs won't be finished until November 1st which means it won't become part of my file probably until just before Thanksgiving,given the traffic LSAC gets. However, technically my app will be complete once I get my score because I already have 2 recs (one is from an employer).

My question is, if I send in my app w/o the outstanding recommendation once i get my LSAT scores (in order to get read earlier thus advantage), will they 1) most likely only get to it after thanksgiving and 2) consider the recommendation even though it came after my app was "complete".

I heard they don't read apps until after thanksgiving really so I'm thinking I'll be ok. I just don't want to lose my advantage when i can have it just because I have to wait for a recommender..especially when I told them in JULY!! but thats besides the point. But i also don't want them to read my file with an employer and only one prof rec before the other prof rec comes in.

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