Feb LSAT, LORs, and When to Apply

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Feb LSAT, LORs, and When to Apply

Postby mpohl » Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:42 pm

I have a couple questions regarding applications. First I'll give some background:

Undergrad School: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
GPA: ~3.80/4 lsac
Degree: Aerospace Engineering
Goal Law School: UT Austin (want to work in Texas)

I'm graduating this semester (a semester early) as I took a heavy course load to save tuition money (MIT charges per semester, not per credit hour) which caused me to get some B's that lowered my GPA. I also was pretty heavily involved in campus activities, some service, etc. In that respect I feel strong for my applications.

Now my LSAT score is another story. I took it in June and got a 159. Because of MIT's intensive course load and weird schedule (school ends ~May 25th) I only had ~1.5 weeks to cram for the LSAT. I was consistently between 165-170 on timed practice tests but I must have just overloaded and messed up when it came test day. Needless to say I have to take the LSAT again, because a 159 won't get me into UT Austin. I can't take it in October simply because it's impossible to study for the test and maintain my grades with my workload. This leaves me with a few questions:

1) Should I strive to apply this cycle and take the LSAT in February? Because I'll be graduated, I can take a LSAT course starting in December to really make sure I'm prepared for February. Some people say applying late lowers chances of admission, so I'm unsure. I really really would like to apply this cycle, and I know I can do better on the LSAT.

2) If I get LORs now, are they good for later application cycles?

3) If I get denied somewhere this year, does that hurt me if I apply again next year?

I appreciate your guys' insight.

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Re: Feb LSAT, LORs, and When to Apply

Postby GBPbb » Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:45 pm

1) Don't apply, retake in Feb or June and apply next cycle. It is absolutely the smart thing to do.
2) Yes
3) Irrelevant, because you aren't applying this cycle :lol: But, no, it doesn't.

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