JD/MBA Applicant.. work experience question

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JD/MBA Applicant.. work experience question

Postby Cereal_Entrepreneur » Mon Sep 17, 2012 12:36 am

I am in the process of applying to LS this fall, and am considering a last minute MBA application to schools with a JD/MBA program. I'm specifically looking at WUSTL, BU, and BC. My undergraduate GPA was ~3.0, but it was at two institutions.. a 2.2 at the first one (~45 hours) and a 3.6 at the degree granting school. B.A. in International Business. I graduated in May, and am applying for next fall (taking 1 year off) I'm hitting consistent 166-168 on practice LSAT.

The reason I'm looking at the JD/MBA program is I don't see myself being a career attorney. I started a business during undergraduate that has rapidly grown, and I see myself continuing that post LS in more of background role for side income. I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, and I see myself starting additional companies in the future or getting into venture capital, etc. I'm going to law school because I want the legal education/background, and I also see myself doing some work as an attorney, perhaps full time for a couple of years post graduation, then part time afterwards.

I would probably just do the MBA right now and pursue a JD later on, but I don't think I have enough work experience for most MBA programs right now. Furthermore.. I have been doing LSAT prep for the past 2 months, NOT GMAT prep.

My business is a buy/sell/trade (arbitrage) operation with high end consumer products.. I started out small a couple years ago, but it has grown to almost 1 million in revenue for 2012. I'm probably going to hire one or two people in the next year, and eventually think I could turn it into a much larger business. In the next year or two I'll be looking at venture capital investments in the business, also. For now, will this qualify as significant work experience? I know I haven't exactly been in finance or a marketing manager for 3 years, but I've read schools are looking more and more at entrepreneurs, and I'd say I have more business savvy than an entry level accountant at a big CPA firm..

What would you all recommend? Apply to JD/MBA programs now, ditch the JD and go for the MBA, or should I take another year or two off, really develop my business into a 3-4 employee company, and then have leadership and management experience for Business School admissions (and re-evaluate the JD/MBA at that point)? Keep in mind.. I have not done ANY prep for GMAT/GRE, though I took a practice GMAT about a year ago and got a 690. I'm usually a strong test taker.

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Re: JD/MBA Applicant.. work experience question

Postby No13baby » Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:26 am

If you don't want to practice law long-term, don't go to law school. It sounds like your passion and your interests are much more oriented toward the business side of things - work for a few years, save up some money, do well on the GMAT, and enjoy business school.


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Re: JD/MBA Applicant.. work experience question

Postby bdubs » Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:41 am

Those programs have mediocre law schools and business schools. Both have pretty lame career prospects that make them poor investments.

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