should I write Diversity Statement

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Re: should I write Diversity Statement

Postby Jredelman15 » Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:17 pm

afitouri wrote:
Jredelman15 wrote:I have a dilemma. I am a white middle class male, not very diverse sounding I know. However, I am from Appalachia and I was not always middle-class. My mom is now a principal and my father is now a big shot for a multinational corp. We used to be broke eating on the same roast for a week when I was a child until around 10. Parents are divorced, it was an ugly one and still is. Brother was in a coma while I was in UG. 3 kids in my class of 160 are applying for advanced degrees and maybe 300 out of 720 in my county went to college. Town was surrounded by drugs and many friends went to rehab. I know what it is like to struggle and I provide a diverse look into a world that is often shrouded by stereotype.

I am not sure if I should write a diversity statement or not.

I imagine you will mention these things in your personal statement, right?

I, personally, would think you would add diversity. But you will have to make sure not to have your personal statement and diversity statement be redundant and overlap each other. Also, don't start off with how successful your parents are, that goes at the end.

Yeah after this discussion I have started to write my PS on this topic. I really hope the big city schools will believe the same as you. I hope to have that ironed out within the next few days. I will post on here when I have a decent enough first draft.

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