LOR: Professor I wanted to ask is on leave

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LOR: Professor I wanted to ask is on leave

Postby endless_sekai » Mon Sep 10, 2012 5:19 pm

Hey all,

Was wondering if someone could give me a bit of advice. I am going through the process of asking for and getting LORs. However, one of the three professor I am going to be asking is on leave for the current semester (F '12). Unfortunately, I was busy with work throughout most of the summer, so I neglected to get a LOR from them earlier. I am not quite sure how I should approach this situation, as for my other two LORs I have asked those professors in person already since returning back to school. Im just a bit apprehensive about the situation because I am unsure as whether the leave was due to personal issues or was a sabbatical. Either way, it feels like it would be awkward for me to ask the professor through email especially since she was probably not expecting to be contacted by students during her leave. Any recommendations?

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