Question about possible infraction?

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Question about possible infraction?

Postby Voltaire_X » Fri Sep 07, 2012 6:44 pm

My freshman year of college my dormmate had been smoking some weed in the room (not while I was in there).

Later when I WAS in the room the campus security came in (apparently someone reported the smell) and wrote us up on these little university forms for "smoking in the dorms" but said that we weren't necessarily found guilty. The campus security said that we would be contacted by the judicial affairs and they would determine whether or not any rules were broken. We were never contacted by judicial affairs. We weren't punished at all and never heard anything about the incident again. The only thing that happened was that our information was taken down by the officer, who gave us a copy of the little form. It had a list of infractions with checkboxes, and there was a check next to "smoking in dorms" and "marijuana on campus". Our names/DOBs/university IDs were on the forms.

I ended up transferring to a different university the next year. Anyways, does this count as something I would need to disclose? If so, I feel that my story isn't very believable (even though it's true..). I'm thinking the judicial affairs people didn't even bother with following up on it given the circumstances. The officer specifically said we weren't found guilty when he wrote us up, that was for JA to decide.

What do I do?


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Postby VasaVasori » Fri Sep 07, 2012 6:51 pm


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