Actual GPA or LSAC GPA on Institution Info

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Actual GPA or LSAC GPA on Institution Info

Postby mcs268 » Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:42 pm

Quick (or maybe not) question. On your LSAC page for your education info, under institutions where you list your GPA, do you count your LSAC GPA or Actual GPA?

I don't have my LSAC GPA yet, but I have 99% reason to believe my GPA is going to be rounded up from 3.496 to 3.5. However, the cutoff point for GPA on the LSAC page is a 3.5. Basically, if I say I have a 3.5, it says I have "mostly As", but if I go with my actual GPA, it gives me "mostly As and Bs". So which do I put? If schools don't even look at this info it doesn't matter, but if they do I don't want them thinking I was disingenuous..but the LSAC GPA option sounds so much better.


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