Putting application on file for a few years?

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Putting application on file for a few years?

Postby jmcc » Tue Aug 28, 2012 7:55 pm

Hi all,

I am a college junior planning to apply to law school at some point in the next few years and become an attorney, but I really would like to take a few years to work in politics and let my brain take on a new kind of learning outside of academia.

However, knowing that I want to apply to law school at some point, I've begun to think about what I should do to prepare before leaving college.

I see that LSAC accounts are good for five years. A few questions:

1) Just to confirm--If I have two professors write letters of recommendation and put them on file in 2013, it will be no problem to apply to law school in, say, fall 2016?

2) Can/should I take the LSATs when I still have a student's schedule and can find more time to study, or is it better to take them closer to when I apply, when I'll also be older?

Do law schools prefer fresh info on candidates, or are they really just as fine with receiving backdated materials with an application written just before desired admission?


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