Getting Transcript Re-evaluated??

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Getting Transcript Re-evaluated??

Postby privatemember2012 » Tue Aug 21, 2012 7:06 am

I am studying at Oxford in the UK and just received the transcript evaluation which was marked 'above average' after my prelims (1st year) marks. It seems a bit unlucky, as it looks like they consider 70% or higher 1st class, therefore superior, and anything below that does not qualify. In the PPE course, since there are three modules and it is considered more difficult, you have to get above a 200 total. My average was a 208 (69.3%), which is well above the required first class mark, but this was overlooked.

In other words, instead of a high 2.1 being a superior, as some have mentioned, a solid 1st is considered above average!

Given that 18% of students got distinctions/1st class, and I was well above that cutoff, so I can safely predict being in the top 15%, is there any way I could get the evaluation re-done? I feel like this will affect my chances quite significantly at HYS.

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